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Missing French Fries, Legal System Greed.

Why I started this site

I initially registered this domain, after the various fiasco's with McDonalds. First, the fact they had been skimping on the french fries for years, and didn't think people noticed. But then, the hot coffee and now the "Super Sized" fiascoes. ENOUGH BULLSHIT!!

NO ONE forced you - or me - to eat those extra value meals, but it gave US ALL A CHOICE!! Big people, hungry people, need and want more food! Not everyone weighs 90 pounds, or is the idealized 70 kg male used in medical reference charts. I'm not a little guy, and I *KNOW* it's not anyone's fault buy my own, or my genetics. No one forced me to eat, or told me what to eat. This *IS* America!

About 20 years ago, we started blaming everyone, and everything, else for our own problems. "It's Not My Fault." The classic is the Twinkie Defense. If you don't know what that is, I don't know what you are doing reading this site at all! But HOT COFFEE IS SUPPOSED TO BE HOT! Hot Coffee" is *HOT*. I feel a George Carlin moment coming on!

There are more and more things like this. It's long been said the weight of the stupidity and greed of our legal system (it is *NOT* a Justice System, unless you are Orwellian), will cause the destruction of our country from the inside. We are all being deflected to worry about external threats, we are all missing the real threats -- Our freedoms are disappearing one by one.

This site is about the things I've had ENOUGH of, and my OWN PERSONAL VENTS about them. I don't really care about yours. They are yours. These are mine. You have something to say, set up a website and say it! This is a free country.