I initially registered this domain, after the various fiasco's with McDonalds. First, the fact they had been skimping on the french fries for years, and didn't think people noticed. But then, the hot coffee and now the "Super Sized" fiascoes. ENOUGH BULLSHIT!!  [More]

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Sept 2005

The really wonderful thing about this site, is there is never a shortage of Bullshit.

I'm Not Loving It

McDonald's has lost sight of the market.

It's been awhile since I updated this, and it's not because I haven't found anything to write about! To the contrary, there has been *much* to write about, just not a lot of time to get it on-line.

When this site was set up, I didn't expect to really be making regular updates, so it was set up with static HTML pages, which makes updates somewhat difficult. I've been meaning to update the software, but haven't had the time. There has just been too much bullshit going on. I've been writing, just not posting.

But it's time to go back to our roots, and take another look at McDonald's.

A couple of weeks ago, we stopped at the McD's across from Robinson Town Center (the one near the WalMart). We placed our usual order, and were told that we could not have honey with our chicken mcnuggets, because they had decided that honey was only for breakfast! For 25 years I've been having honey with my McNuggets, and this McD's decided that I was no longer allowed to do that!

I asked for the manager, who confirmed this, and also refused to give out any honey.

We left, quite upset and annoyed -- again -- from a McDonlads. We drove to the other side of the mall, to the McD's on the main road, and they freely -- and without limit -- gave us honey for our McNuggets.

The problem here, is that we have not been back to a McD's since. Every time we see the "Golden Arches" we wonder if they are going to have crazy rules that prevent us from enjoying our experience.

McDonald's has wondered why their profits are in the toilet, and why customers are eating elsewhere. This is just one more reason. For years, they didn't think we noticed how they skimped on the fries. You picked up a "Super Size" fries and they all disappeared below the rim -- less fries than the old "large." Then, they got rid of "Super Size", after opening up the market to REAL SIZED meals!

Now, they are allowing their franchises to change the rules on what they are going to give to the customers, and that is VERY, VERY bad. The whole idea of "fast food" was to have a standardized experience, that customers could feel familiar with, and which integrated into the new "fast paced" life style. If they are now introducing "stress" as part of this, by refusing to give the customers their old favories, randomly, customers are going to stop going. We have. I'm sure we are not the only ones.

"I'm Lovin' It" ??? No way. I leave McD's angry that I can't get my 25-year-old order any more. "Have it YOUR Way" is a much better feeling.


If you feel you must contact us, you can send a message to EnoughBS. Spam is filtered, so don't bother.

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