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March 2005 - part 1 Tara Reid round 2

The great thing about this site, is there is never a shortage of Bullshit.

Tara Reid, Round 2

Tara Reid Sues Over 'Let It Hang Out' Ad

By now, everyone has seen, or at least heard, about the Tara Reid Wardrobe malfunction, or here [nudity] which was really a human-decency-malfunction by the Paparazzi.

Today, The Associated Press reports another such decency-malfunction. It seems Tara has sued the owners of a Las Vegas condominium development Thursday for using her name in an ad that unequivocally appears to be a reference to the accidental extremly public exposure of her left breast last year.

Reid has said she had no idea she was flashing the paparazzi when the strap of her dress slipped off her left shoulder as she walked the red carpet at Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' 35th birthday party -- and we believe her! The video clearly shows how unhappy and angry she was, when the realization of what had happened sunk in. We whole heartedly agree with the "scum sucking pigs" analogy to the photographers (or was that our feeling?).

In the lawsuit it states Reid's reputation was damaged by an advertisement for Sky Las Vegas Condominiums published on Feb. 1 that reads, "Dear Tara Reid. Come let it all hang out." The lawsuit alleges the ad implies that Reid intentionally let her dress strap slip and that Sky Las Vegas is capitalizing on her misfortune by misrepresenting her as "sexually lewd or immoral." Tara has been struggling to overcome that image, largely created by the press, to stir things up.

But, beyond that, using a celebrities likeness, or name, to promote a product or commmercial endeavor is still against the law unless you get their permission! Editorialization of a public figure is still OK, but not commercial use. Why these people thought they'd get away with such a Sophomoric stunt, is beyond us.

The "Enough Bullshit" slant on this, is that celebrities DESERVE some privacy. They are not our play things, they are not "on camera" 24-hours a day. You don't do your job 24 hours a day, and when you are off, do you want to keep being reminded of the stuff on your desk or the warehouse of boxes that have to stacked and sorted? Why do people insist actors "live" their day job? Is society so sick, that that the only way to "live" is through other people's lives -- and hopefully their misfortunes?

This is why this qualifies as the "Enough Bullshit" rant for this March. It's one thing to like a star, or celebrity. It's another to idolize them, and create an environment where it pays for people to intrude into their privacy, and their lives, disrupt their lives, and even endanger their lives just for a photo or a story. Everyone has a right to privacy! When in PUBLIC a celebrity may have a lower expectation of anonyminity, but in their homes, and non-public lives, they have the same RIGHT to privacy as anyone else. Is it any wonder so many end up using drugs an alcohol? We blame them, when really it's most likely society causing it. ("Us" would have been the expected word there, but I can't use it, since *I* as writer, don't have any desire to stalk these celebrities as so much of the media, and our country seems to want to do.)

A big part of the problems with this country is not only the "It's not my fault" attitude, but the growing "It's not my life" attitude that comes with reality TV. The Soap's were bad enough, but we all knew they were actors (well, at least most of us did). Now, with reality TV, anyone can have that 15-minute window of Andy Worhol fame, but to get it, rather than doing something wonderful, creative, or uplifting, you just have be as ignorant, mean, beligerant, stupid, and classless as possible, or lift up your shirt or skirt.

Pretty much, if you do anything and everything your mom, grand parents, Miss Manners, or most of human evolution has tried to teach you to do, you can get your 15-minutes of reality TV fame. Then what? What's next? Live the past "glory" like an Al Bundy reliving his high school football days? Selling shoes and whining about why you aren't better off?

Enough Bullshit. I have a job to do, and my own life to live.


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