Valentine's Day bear an insult to crazy people!

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Feb 2005

This is the ultimate ENOUGH BULLSHIT for Valentine's Day!

Mental health professionals (I use that term loosely) and even the Governor of Vermont, have called for the removal of a straight jacketed teddy bear from the shelves, because it insults crazy people!

The advertising on the company's website states:

15" Crazy for You Bear: Dressed in a white straitjacket embroidered with a red heart, this Bear is a great gift for someone you’re crazy about. He even comes with a “Commitment Report” stating “Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep, My Heart’s Racing. Diagnosis – Crazy for You!” Trust us. She’ll go nuts over this Bear!

How many of us have actually SAID things like that, done things like that, or have read or seen them in the movies so many times we groan??

"Mental health advocates consider the bear "a tasteless use of marketing that stigmatizes persons with mental illness," Jerry Goessel, executive director of the Vermont chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, wrote to the Shelburne-based company.

"A straitjacket is not a symbol that we want to associate with sales of a teddy bear for loved ones over Valentine's Day," Goessel said. "And the use of commitment papers, legal documents committing an individual to involuntary treatment, is not something to be taken casually."

We are now insulting crazy people. Funny, or pathetic part is, if they really were crazy, they WOULDN'T CARE! It's those evil people with agendas, and designs to abridge your rights and freedoms, who are the ones that use anything like this to create problems for the rest of us.

Don't these loud mouthed people have something better to do, than create problems for people? Pretty soon we won't be able to communicate at all, because someone some where might take offense. But isn't that our RIGHT! We have a right to speak our minds, and you have the right to be offended, or not.

But, the fact you can be offended, and speak you mind against the bear is the important thing. This is America, and freedom of speech must be protected. But it's just YOUR OPINION. If people felt the same as you, the bear would not be selling. Since it is selling, there seem to be a lot of people who like the humor, and I'm sure NONE of them felt it was a slight to crazy people.

It's a cliche in literature that love makes people "crazy." Do a search on the IMDB to see all the movies about it. Search for books on it. It's not an insult.

Maybe the Governor is feeling it a little close to the mark? Maybe the governor has something to worry about? When a political leader has to come out against something like this, it's time to examine them a bit more closely . They have a personal, or political agenda, but I must admit, Vermont's politics are not high on my list of interests.

There are so many other things to speak out against, than a Teddy Bear! Or a joke.

There are human rights violations, people living on the street, people without food or heat, children being abused and neglected by the system, and so many more things.

To get upset over a teddy bear, or a cliche saying that NO ONE in their RIGHT MIND would take as being an insult to crazy people, is bizarre and flat out stupid.

This is truly the prize for ENOUGH BULLSHIT.

People, get a life! Get a sense of humor, and realize that it is cute, funny, and if you had not started something, it would not have gotten the national and international publicity it has.

In a way I'm glad this happened. It's time to lighten up.

But, because of these "do gooders" I'm sure there will now be a lot of jokes circulating about crazy people, or maybe crazy mental health people.

After all, in medicine, it's generally acknowledged the "crazy" students get tracked into psychiatry, and mental health areas where they have to remain in treatment in order to continue working/practicing. SO, when mental health people speak up, they are all in therapy, and most need it.

So, in truth, we have the *real* crazies running the asylum. The pot calling the kettle black, or problems treating problems.


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