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Mesothelioma, Responsibility, and Legal Irresponsibility.

January 2004

21st: I just watched the afternoon news. I don't do that very often. It was sponsored by Edgar Snyder (I do live in Pittsburgh), and what I first noticed were his commercials. He was trolling for more MESOTHELIOMA victims. (What kind of person makes their living off the ECONOMIC value of the pain and suffering of others?)

MESOTHELIOMA is the big class action suit, right up there with smoking, but more like the "black lung" suits of the past decade. The thing with black lung, is it rarely, if ever occurred in a non-smoker..... Odd.

Without getting into the facts, or taking sides, this commercial was pretty much looking for anyone who even said the word ASBESTOS in the past 20 years to join the suit. It minimalized the amount of exposure necessary, and extended it to anyone in the past 20 years. So, if you happened to live in a town, that had a building that had asbestos in it, and you drove past it once, you might be eligible for "compensation."

Yes, it's that bad. It's way out of hand. Mesothelioma is the highest paying keyword on the Internet -- and going strong!! (as today's commercial which sparked this "Enough Bullshit" rant showed). Why? People are trying to make a buck on something that should simply have been taken care of as a HEALTH ISSUE, not as a legal windfall for lawyers who reap at least 40% in these suits. That 40% should be funding the medical programs *NOT* the lawyers!