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Tara Reid Wardrobe Failure

Sometimes called a "nipple slip" by the press, this was really more of a warddrobe failure.

I'm not one to pass up a free shot, or the latest paparazzi "grab" of a celebrity, but some things do leave a really, really bad taste. This was one of them.

I'm not a great fan of Tara Reid, she's just an actress, with good and/or bad press. I really couldn't list anything I remember seeing her in. I do know the name though. And, she is a person, and has feelings.

What happened on the red carpet was truly the scummy side of human nature. While no one really got hurt, or killed in a tunnel crash, it was still the darker side of taking advantage of someone's misfortune for profit.

I didn't see the incident, but I saw the photos, and I saw the video on the Internet. Sure, I'm curious, especially over the fuss.

But I have to applaud Tara for two things. She really didn't go off the handle, and she had every right to. And, she looked Great!!!

Bare breast, or no bare breast, she looked great!! If you have to have some really widely spread photos passed around, you might as well look your best, and she did! It wasn't some up-the-skirt or drunken-bar shot, as so many other celebs have fallen victim to, it was really a pretty lady with some poise, and a great smile.

Maybe it was because she didn't know what was going on, but she did look great! And that needs to be said. She looked better than most red-carpet type candids, and even some posed shots posted on-line.

So, Tara, I'm sorry for your misfortune, and am glad I no longer consider myself a "photographer" (not that photographers consider those camera toting trash paparazzi photographers). But you did look stunning, and you should look for every rain cloud's silver lining.

Perhaps, some good will come of this, as people see you in a new light.

Note: 21-jan-05: I caught the Tara Reid segment on the Afternoon Edition today, on ABC, and thought she was still holding herself together. She wanted to say a lot more than she could, and I hope at some point she gets a chance to speak her mind on the incident, in full, and uncensored, and untimed.